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Related post: Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 13:07:59 -0700 (PDT) From: Kristofer Cason Subject: Rain Day I already knew that I was in trouble. Not only had I missed my bus to school; but unfortunately, my mom had already left the house for work, and I had forgotten my key inside the house. I wasn't sure what I should do, so I tried knocking on each of the neighbor's doors, but to no avail. It seemed as if the entire neighborhood had left me all alone, and just when I thought things couldn't get worse, the rain began to fall. I was being soaked, and I had nowhere to go. As I stood underneath the awning of my front porch, the storm clouds completely blocked out the sun and I noticed a light on several houses down the street. I considered my options, cold and wet I knew I couldn't stay out mermaidens loli here all day. Suddenly, a bolt of lightening struck so near that it sounded as if a gun had blasted my ears off. red galls loli bbs Without thinking I began to run towards the lit house. I tried to remember who lived there, but I wasn't sure. My young mind was incapable of prioritizing such information, and I rung the doorbell waiting to see who would answer. As the door swung open, anime extreme lolicon I saw a dark curvy figure. I wiped the tears from my eyes and recognized Ms. Taylor. She was a black woman in her early forties who ran a very small daycare center out of her home during the day. She was quite voluptuous, as most black women are, and every time I dealt with her she had a fat loli sex tgp very dominating attitude that I never quite understood and certainly never questioned. "What are you doing out here in the rain?" she said quite sternly as I shivered in from cold and fear. I attempted to speak but the recurring thunder and my own anxiety only produced a mumble. "Come in here." I quickly moved inside as she closed the door behind me. As I walked in she grabbed my shoulder firmly and pulled me back over the rug at the entrance. "I know your mamma taught you better than to track water in someone's house." She placed me over a rug at the front of the door and let me drip over it. "Now what's your name?" "Tim." I said as I fought the cold shivers within me. "Okay, Tim, why aren't you at school?" she pulled a towel from the coat closet and dabbed at my face loli boy list less than gently. "I missed my bus, and my mom already left for work." My arms were wrapped tightly around myself trying to warm up. "I saw your light on and I hoped I could call her." Eerily, as soon as I spoke those words, lightening struck close again, and the lights in the building turned off simultaneously. We both looked up and I heard her mutter some angry inaudible words. "Well, it don't look like you're gonna be calling anyone." lolitta naked pedo She looked around, obviously wondering what she should do. "I guess you can stay here for the time being, and you can call your mamma when the power comes back on." She stood up, towering over me, and began to walk into the next room. I knew that I was forbidden to drip water onto her carpet, so I stayed over the rug. She came back into the lolitta mpeg room with an empty garbage bag and handed it to me. "Go ahead and take off those wet naked lolitta pussy clothes, you can't very well stand there all day. And I don't wanna be responsible for you getting sick." As I began to disrobe, cries began to erupt in another room after a rumble of thunder. It was a baby, and Ms. Taylor wasted no time taking care of it. While she was in the other room quieting the noisy child, I continued disrobing. The clothes were heavy and sticky, and as I pulled them off more water dripped onto the rug. I remember being so afraid of this woman that I was very careful not to let any of the dripping water onto the wooden floor of the foyer. As I removed my jeans, I carefully lolits porno sex placed them in the bag along with my shirt and jacket. I finally removed my wet socks and threw them in the bag. I wasn't sure if I was okay now, so I simply stood there in my wet tighty whities and waited for her to return. I looked around and free lolia pic I could only see parts of the house from where I was standing. There was a set of stairs that disappeared into the darkness to the second floor. A living room that was adjoined to a small dining room, both lightly illuminated by the windows. And I could barely see a kitchen around the corner. All the rooms were moderately decorated. She was a woman of taste, but obviously she had a low budget. There were no family pictures, only ***** paintings and decorations sporadically placed throughout the rooms. It was an average middle-class home, and by the hint of toys lying around here and there, it was obvious she often had children here. I knew I was safe, but I wasn't sure exactly what that kind of safe was. She came back into the hallway and without even looking at me she scooped the bag up from the floor. I began to walk with her before she quickly turned around. "Are those wet, too?" she said as she nonchalantly grabbed my crotch and felt my underwear with her strong firm hands. This seemed quite mundane file porn lolite sex to loli sex doll her, but the surprise left me speechless as her hand completely encased my crotch. "C'mon, take top 100 models loli those off, pedo pedo loli loli too." I looked at her puzzled and scared, was I supposed to get naked? Did she know that that's where I kept my penis? I wasn't sure but she held the bag open and I knew I didn't want to upset this woman. So I slowly pulled them off and exposed myself to this stranger. "Don't worry we'll find you something to wear while these clothes dry." I was damp, but not dripping, and I continued to follow her into the next room. She led me into another living room, this one littered with little toys. I scanned the room trying to find some that would interest me, but they all seemed to be for younger kids. I was ten years old and, as my mother would say, I was "beginning to be very hard to please." I didn't quite understand what she meant at the time. I sorted through the toys, forgetting that I was completely naked and I couldn't find anything of interest. All overstuffed playthings and enormous Lego's that even the most astute engineer couldn't use to build anything worth playing with. A few remnants of a Lincoln log collection and some preschool level coloring books and crayons were all that I found at the bottom of the toy box. Even though it was obvious that I didn't have to go to school, it was still going to be a boring day. Ms. Taylor returned to the room and I quickly remembered my nudity. My pre-pubescent body was on display for all to see. Luckily, only she was present to bare witness to my humility. "Well, we can't dry your clothes until the power comes back on, so I'm gonna have to find you something to wear." I was glad to find that she didn't expect me to run around naked all day, I was already embarrassed enough having to knock on a stranger's door. I tried to cover myself futilely as she stood there and stared. I'm sure it was a humorous display, a ten-year-old boy uselessly attempting to hide his little insignificant penis. She stood for a second and thought to herself. "Come in here, I know what you can use." I followed her through a door into what seemed to be a nursery. Several infants lay sleeping loli teensex incest in their cribs and I dared not utter a preeteen lolitta models sound. I was so nervous around this woman, I feared her wrath so much that I set aside my youthful zest in hopes that I would not upset her in the least bit. She led me to a large padded table and patted it with her hand. "Get up here, this is the only thing I can think of." She said as I obediently climbed upon the table. She placed her hand on my bare chest and pushed my back until I was lying loli 15yr old down. Before I knew it she was lifting up my ass and sliding something underneath me. I protested once I realized what exactly it was. "I'm too old to wear diapers." I exclaimed reading lolilta in tehran forgetting where I was. "Shhhh, don't you dare think about preteen 14 loli waking up these children." She looked around at the muddled complaints of the dormant infants. As they subsided, she looked at me with fury in her eyes. She said it in only the way a middle-aged black woman could, with power and reservation, assuring me that there was no other option. "You will wear this and you will like it." I had no intentions of making her angry, I knew that black women had no patience, and after all, there was nothing I could do but follow her orders. I relaxed onto the diaper and obediently lifted my legs in the air. She sighed as she accepted my non-verbal apology and she continued fastening the diaper. She found no problem fitting it around my slender frame. She did it with such ease, that only an experienced maternal figure could. As she finished, she grabbed my ankles with one hand and lifted them up in the air, exposing my now diapered bottom. She inspected her work and swiftly lowered my legs before helping me off of the table. "Now, go back into the living room." She whispered as she straightened up the things she had moved. As I walked back into the other room, my new cumbersome garment crinkled with every step. I was 12yo loli free glad not to be naked anymore, but I was highly disappointed with my only option. I sat down on the couch in front of the dark television. I looked out through the windows and the storm and transformed into a moderate rain. The lolis board teen bbs sun poked through the dark clouds just enough to provide light across the land, but still the darkness prevailed. I sat on the couch and looked down at myself, I felt so degraded wearing the diaper and I loli cartoon deeply regretted being late for my bus. I hated school, but anything was better than this. If the guys at school saw me now, my life would be over. Otherwise I was quite comfortable. The heat in the house had quickly subsided due to the power failure and the warmth of the thick diaper definitely helped relax me. I pulled at the hem and ironically wondered how I was supposed to get them off when I needed to use the bathroom. Surely, I thought, she doesn't expect me to just go in them. After all, it is a diaper, but I'm no baby. I was confused to say the least. I wanted to ask her, but the condescension I saw top pedo loli extreme in her eyes scared me away; I simply resolved to just do what she said. Which is why I didn't question her when she returned to the room and sternly told me to stand up and bend over. Before I knew what was happening, she landed several firm slaps on my now cushioned tushie. "As long as you are in my house you will do whatever I say without question! Do you understand?" I was baffled at this but I lolicon pic xxx knew the correct answer. "Yes, ma'am." I said wide-eyed as I quickly rubbed my stinging ass. "I don't care how your mamma raised you, but I ain't gonna have no smart-alecky little white boys runnin' around my house." Her voice sounded angry but she also sounded assured that I would comply without question; which I did. Her dark skin and dark eyes only complimented her strong will and no-nonsense attitude. She allowed me to littles loli sit back down as she continued. "Now am I gonna have any more back talk from you?" she said as she pointed her finger in my face. Almost instantly as I was looking at her finger inches away from my nose, I looked past it and noticed that as she bent over, the front of her dress hung down and I had a clear view of her enormous ebony breasts. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra, because I was able to see everything. I wasn't quite sure why at the time, but the very sight of her luscious melons and brown nipples electrified me. My face exploded as my jaw dropped and my eyes widened; it took her no time at all to realize why. This infuriated her, and before I could save myself and apologize, she pulled down the straps and let her beautiful breasts fall from the dress less than an arm's reach away from my astonished face. "Look!" she screamed as my eyes were loli pre xxx fixed in disbelief. "Take lolias russian pedo torrent a good look, I want to make sure I have your full attention." I shook myself from this gaze and returned my eyes to hers, as I knew I should. "Good, are you listening now?" I nodded as she lifted each balloon back into her dress. "I swear, loli movie japan your mamma musta never taught you any manners." She shook her head and fixed her dress back how she liked it. "Just another rude white boy is all you are." I was mortified, all I could do was nod my head in agreement and hope loli nonude for the best. "Now, are you going to listen to me from now on?" "Yes, ma'am." was all I could manage to say. "Are you going to obey me and do what I tell you when I tell you to do it?" "Yes, ma'am." I had completely surrendered. "Good, now once this power comes back on we can call your mamma, and we'll lolicon russian figure out what to do, but until then, you're just gonna have to keep quiet, and stay out of trouble. Understood?" her arms were crossed and she appeared almost statuesque. I feared her. "Yes, ma'am." I said looking down at the floor. I couldn't manage eye contact, and the last thing I wanted her to catch me looking at was any part of her body. She put a finger under my chin and forced my head up to meet hers. We were face to face, and she said in a low but strong whisper, "Do not piss me off, okay?" I needed nothing more, I didn't care what it took, I was going to do whatever she said, and I would even pretend to like it. I only hoped that the day would go by quick, and soon I would be at home, and away from this intimidating black woman. I was scared, but the shivers that free lolitta biz were returning in forum bbs loli my body were due to the cold that was building within the house. I wrapped my arms around myself and breathed a sigh of crisp chilly air. "Are you cold?" she said noticing my shaking. "Yes, ma'am." I said as politely as I preteen loliata could. "Well let's go find you something to put on." She grabbed my little hand with her strong black mitt and pulled me off of the couch. He rounded the corner and proceeded up the stairs. As much as I tried to keep up, it seemed as if she was dragging me the whole way. "You need to keep up, young man." I wanted to tell her that I was trying to keep up, but somehow I knew that she would never accept that excuse. So I resolved to try harder, but just then we reached the top of the stairs and I slipped on the top step. I didn't fall, but it was enough to make her stop and turn around. Before I could plead my case, she had already thought of a punishment. "Well, if you don't wanna keep loli gateway ranchi up, then I'm gonna have to put a leash on you so you have no choice." She said this so straight-faced that it only strengthened my confusion. Was she serious? She couldn't be, I wanted to laugh, but I didn't want to upset her even more. She let go of my hand and quickly moved down the stairs. Before I could even decide to follow her, she had already returned at the bottom. "I don't know why you want to be so difficult, but if you're gonna act like this then I'll have to treat you this way." She had a red cord in her hand, and I didn't even need to ask what it was for. She quickly unraveled the cord and produced a small red collar. I was speechless, I instinctually began to move back as she approached, but I was quickly against the wall. A rebellious urge slowly crept up from within me. "You can't be serious!" I said trembling with fear and some sort of excitement that I felt lolite pics was just the kid in me. She looked at me as if I was just being unreasonable, loli kdz porn ru as if this was something that should be done for my own good, and as if she was indifferent to my plight of independence. I was a ten year-old boy, sure I wasn't a grown man yet, but I was at least a human. She couldn't do this to me. "Do you want another spanking?" she top 100 loli porn said drawing back for just a second, hesitating, but certainly not aborting. "Because I will give you one like you've never had." She waited for me to submit, for whatever reason. I hated spankings. I hated any kind lolicon pics thumbs of pain; I'd walk a mile out of the way lolits sex preview to avoid a beehive. And after all, she was an adult, and who was I to defy an elder? I was in her house, and I knew I had no choice. I let myself off of the wall and kneeled down on the floor as I tilted my head toward her. I felt so humiliated, but what else could I do? "That's a good boy." She said slipping the collar around my neck. For a second I wondered what this must have looked like, but if this is what she wanted, I had to comply. She adjusted the collar, and without even asking how it felt, attached the hooks and let asian lolicon sex loose the slack from the cord. Somehow, I didn't even think to prepare myself for the shock. I simply watched the cord straighten, and I was even surprised when it jolted me from my kneeled position. I quickly sprang back to my feet and caught up. She had to be purposely walking faster than normal, because no matter how hard I tried I could not keep up. She was literally dragging me along like one of those wooden ducks on wheels that I used to play bbs loli sex with when I was younger. It was all I could do to keep up as she led me around this strange house. She was searching through different drawers for something for me to wear. She would hold up old stale clothes and see how they small loli pussy might fit. Most were too big and the others were too small. Finally we came to the master bedroom and she began searching through her own clothes. lolitia porn pictures "Well, nothing will fit, so you're gonna have to wear one of my nightgowns or something, I don't know." She routinely searched through her clothes, digging to the bottom of the drawers. "Where is it?" she would mumble after reaching the end of each compartment in her dresser. Finally she reached a drawer of silky gowns that seemed to shimmer. The weak gray light peeking through the windows reflected off of their smooth fabric. "Oh, here it is!" she said excitedly. She produced a pink shimmery gown from the bottom of the drawer. It wasn't quite silk and it wasn't quite cotton. I knew it was some kind of synthetic extreme loli and it had these frilly edges on the sleeves. "This is the only thing I can think of to fit you." lolicon gallery I was baffled, was she really going to add to my discomfort? She had already turned me into a baby by underage lolits panties diapering me. She had turned me sweet lolis porn into a dog by leashing me. And now, worst of all, she planned one turning me into a girl by making me wear some frilly pink nightgown? Again, I was rendered speechless. lolipop teenies She reached down and unhooked the leash and set the red cord on top of the dresser. She took the nightgown into both of her now empty hands. She furled loli angels nymphets it up into a single loop and held it over my head. "Now lift up your arms." She loli nu pedo said with somewhat of a grin on her face. In retrospect I imagine it was some pent up fantasy to dehumanize a little white boy. I was lolit lesbian the quintessential symbol of her ancestor's oppressors and her own social repression. Maybe I exhibited some kind of lost youthfulness and innocence that she was spared in her childhood because of her families' financial disposition. I could probably think of thousands of reasons why she was doing this to me, but ultimately, at the time I was still a ten year-old boy and I had no idea of what a socially accepted norm was. Nor did I know how to avoiding bucking one. I was a child, and she was an adult, and I simply had to follow her instructions. Furthermore, she had such an impregnable wall of superiority around her that I dared not refuse her will. I had no choice. From that moment on, I completely surrendered to her will. I had no idea of what to expect for the rest of the day, I simply accepted my fate as her prisoner and slave; and like a mindless drone, I did whatever she told me, without question or protest. I lifted up my arms, and produced some kind of zombie-like smile as I looked up at her. "Good boy." She said again with a smile. I was now truly her pet and puppet. She illeagle lolits sites released the fabric and it effortlessly distributed itself around my slender little body. As it glided around my skin and down to my knees, shivers ran up my spine again. However, this time it wasn't from lolitta hungary the cold. It was from the warmth and ecstasy I felt as the gown enraptured my naked body. I couldn't pic loli xxx believe that such a feeling could have been produced from a simply gown. This is what it felt like to wear these? I was in some sort of glazed trance as I brought my hands back down to my chest and felt the smooth fabric with my fingers and palms. I used every single fiber of my being to feel the gown against my skin. I returned my eyes to Ms. Taylor; and as I beamed up at her, she returned the smile. She could easily see the excitement and joy in my eyes as my soul exploded in happiness. It was better than any warm blanket or pillow I have ever held, and the only other thing that could bring such elation to my heart was the hug that followed. She kneeled down and wrapped her arms around me. Her body felt like Jell-O, I almost sank into her breasts as we both smiled from ear to ear in our embrace. "You see, we can have fun together if you just behave." She let go and placed her warm hand on my cheek as her other hand lolipop cuties perfectly rubbed the fabric up and down my back. She stood back up and rubbed the top of my head. She straightened the gowns back in the drawer and closed it back. She reached on top of the drawer and retrieved the red leash. She grabbed the end it pulled it as the rest of the cord dropped to the floor. As if I were some kind of programmed robot, I thoughtlessly grabbed the cord with my own hand attached it back to the collar. She looked surprised but only smiled and began walking out of the room. This time I followed her before the cord caught it's slack. As I followed her out of the room my haze was disrupted by my own reflection in the mirror as I passed. forum terra loli I stopped in my tracks and she quickly turned around as the leash caught. "Why are you stopping, I thought we..." she stopped in mid sentence as she noticed why I had froze. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I was stunned to see my own image. The short scruffy brown hair I was used to, as well as the thin lanky four and a half foot build and fair skin. But, the bare-foot little boy being dragged by a leash as his diaper barely peaked through his pink frilly nightgown was just shocking. She obviously saw the gaze I was in as she quickly grabbed my chin and broke the stare. "What's wrong?" she said knowingly. She knew what the problem was, but she was about to talk me out of it somehow. I struggled to put my thoughts into words innocent loli preteen without upsetting her. "What if someone sees?" I said in some dopey confession. "There's nothing wrong with this, you have to wear something or you'll freeze." She seemed to mix her caring tone with some kind of assertiveness. It was all just reassuring some how. "Would it make you feel better if I wore mine, too?" I wasn't really sure why, but it seemed to be a good idea. If we were both wearing them, it wasn't as big a deal, right? It sounded like enough for me, so I simply nodded my head in agreement. Without question, she dropped the leash and returned to the dresser. She lifted each strap of her dress over her shoulders and allowed the dress to drop to the floor. I was amazed at the image of her curvaceous body. All she wore now was a green thong that seemed to disappear between her large buttocks. Each dark cheek folded over her thick thighs and jiggled with every step she took. I was only treated to this image for a brief second before she lifted another gown from the drawer and fluidly donned the purple silky gown. The thin dark gown beautifully displayed her hourglass figure. Every single curve of her ample body was accented and mystified by the semi-translucence of the sensual garment. Her heavy breasts, which I was youngest movies loli so happily treated to viewing before, were not indefinite shapely orbs under her gown, constantly reminding me of their presence. It was even worse when seconds later her hard nipples began to form under the fabric. I couldn't help but stare. I felt the diaper tightening around my crotch; this was a feeling to which I was only recently becoming accustomed. I watched her retrieve her rumpled dress from lolit tgp galleries the floor. Every move she lolitta pics made was a sensual treat for my eyes. Her breasts swung back and forth as she hastily folded the dress and laid it on the bed. Her ass moved almost as much as she moved around the bed. She returned to me and without a second thought grabbed the leash from the floor. "Come on," was all she said as I obediently followed behind her. She didn't mention any more about the nightgown; she obviously didn't see any exceptional quality to the situation, and she carried about her business accordingly. She brought me back down to the living room and led me to the couch. "Sit down." She said as if speaking to a dog. It was confusing and assuring at the same time. It was as if I she left no room for questioning or wonder. I sat on the couch as she told me and contently placed my hands in my lap loli 12 as I properly sat straight up. "Now I'm gonna go take care of the others, stay here and be quiet." She released the cord and let it drop against the sofa, leaving reason to believe that she would return for it as soon as she was finished with the 'others.' She began to walk into the nursery before she stopped and added, "I don't think I need to tell you what loli free underage will happen if you are loud, do I?" she didn't and I quietly nodded in submission. As she left, I wondered how long she would be gone. loli biz sex It was an odd filling of longing; she had already left such an immense impression on me. As the rain continued to fall outside, thunder rumbled far off in the distance, signaling the storm's imminent passage. After several minutes of waiting in the quite room, my eyes and head began to weigh heavily. As I relaxed into the cushion, and I lowered my self inch by inch until I slipped into blackness. As I slowly crept out of my dreams and into consciousness, the first thing I felt was a warm wetness. That feeling, however, was quickly overshadowed by the warmth and delight of the gown I quickly remembered that I was wearing. The soft feel of it gave me goose bumps as it rubbed against my naked skin. But then I remembered I wasn't completely naked. Somehow, I had almost completely forgotten about the diaper I had to wear. This instantly brought me back to the warm wetness I was feeling. I couldn't believe what I had done. It must have been some kind of prank; she must have poured water on my while I was sleeping. Although if that were the case, I'm sure I sex loli teens would have woken up, and as I felt the diaper, I soon realized preteen loli pedo stories that the outside was dry. I sat up and opened my eyes to the brightness of the sun poking through the windows, the storm had finally passed, however, the power had yet to return to the house. I looked down between my legs and I pussy lolite was happy to find that I had not leaked anything onto the couch or the nightgown. Only that could have made my predicament worse. How had this happened, had my emotional degradation somehow caused me to subconsciously revert back to an infantile sate of mind, or maybe it was lolitta girl stories just due to the fact that I was wearing a diaper, so my penis just thought it should use it. Regardless of the reason, I knew that there was only one thing I could do now. I stood up from the couch and began tiptoeing around the house to find Ms. Taylor. I rounded a corner and I found teen lolicon links sitting in a large chair with her legs crossed reading some magazine. She looked up as she noticed me and met my eyes without any expression or words. I stammered through the sentence with a light and shaky whisper. "Ms. Taylor, I had an accident while I was sleeping." As soon as I said this her emotionless face quickly turned to a sear. And I knew immediately that I was in trouble. "Did you get any on the couch?" I shook my head quickly hoping that it would come as relief to her anger. "Lift up your gown and let me see." She said as she put her magazine aside and stood to inspect me. I lifted the hem of the gown to my chest and showed her that there was young lola loli no leaking. She grabbed dark portal kids loli my thighs and pushed them aside as she checked the diaper. Fortunately, everything was absorbed into the material inside and there was no cause for concern. She grabbed the cord that had been dragging behind me and without another word she led me into the nursery. She brought me to the changing table and, just as before, she patted the table and began preparing for the procedure. I lifted my self upon the table and lay down. She lifted the gown up over my head, covering my face as if I weren't even there. She unfastened the sides of the diaper and told me to lift my legs in the air. As I did so, the diaper opened exposing my soiled crotch. The cold air tickled my hole and I smiled underneath the fabric of the pre teen lolicon gown over my face. Without any effort to be gentle, she routinely pulled the wet diaper out from underneath me and began young loli rape download free lolicon videos roughly dabbing at my preteen genitals. Once I was cleaned all over, she doused my crotch with baby powder, which gave me an indescribable feeling of elation all over my body. She then retrieved another diaper and quickly wrapped it around my ass and legs. Once she finished fastening the new diaper, she pulled the gown back over my body and told me to get down off of the table. I was embarrassed at what I had done, but her indifference seemed to dissolve my humiliation. As I got down from the table she playfully swatted my behind and led me from the room. We returned to the living room and she sat down on the couch beside me. She put her arm around me and gently rubbed my back. The silky fabric of the gown felt so delightful between her soothing strokes and my bare skin. She spoke as she could easily see my mortification. "Now what's wrong?" some kind of sympathy escaped her body from her usual assertiveness. "It's okay, that's what the diaper is for, okay?" I nodded my head in acceptance as I stared at the floor. She kissed the top of my head and said, "as long as you're wearing it I want you to do that again if you need to go. You can't put it back on once you take it off, so just go in it and I will change you. Now I don't want you to worry about this anymore." She made me feel so much better. I was a little put off by the order, but I wanted to do whatever she told me, so I didn't give it any more thought. Just then, the lights in the house simultaneously illuminated and the television flipped on by itself to reveal a random soap opera already in progress. We both smiled at the return of the power, and she stood to mute the television. loli porn hentay She turned around, and without another word, she grabbed my leash and quickly jerked me up from the couch. She led me through the kitchen and into what I quickly realized was the laundry room. I stood to the side as she retrieved the bag of wet clothes and emptied them into the dryer. As she was doing this I noticed a peculiar aroma coming from the full hamper that was right beside me. I leaned over and the pungent smell was still faint but growing stronger. It was a strong musky odor, yet it was very enticing and I wanted very much to lolicon animation free gallery figure out what it was. On top of the dirty clothes, there lay a pair of plain white cotton panties, loosely rumpled at the top of the hamper. Unfazed by the acceptability of literally looking through her dirty laundry, I picked up the panties and confirmed that they were the source of the scent. She looked up and noticed me smelling her dirty panties. "What are you doing?" she said obviously bewildered by my action. "They smell funny, I was wondering what it was." I said innocently and honestly. "Well that's just my natural smell. All women have it." "I've never smelled it before." I was truly intrigued, if all women had it, how come I had never noticed it before, or even ever heard of it? "Well that's because you can't always smell it." "Well, where does it come from?" I was very curious about the whole thing. It was such a provocative scent, unlike any I had ever smelled before. As she closed the dryer and turned it on, she walked up to me and noticed the bemusement in my eyes. She stepped right up to me, her gorgeous breasts looming over me, she put her hands on my shoulders and guided me to my knees. She lifted her own nightgown up and over my head. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next; I simply waited and trusted her. As the gown fell and encased me I was in awe at her body. She was so thick and voluptuous, and her dark curves seemed to sing some kind of seductive song. I looked down and right in front of my face was the green panties I had seen on her before. I immediately picked up the strange unfamiliar scent again. It pulled me closer and closer to her warm black body and I planted my face into the front of the green throng. The scent was stronger than ever, and as I inhaled it deeply it filled my nostrils, I remember wishing that my lungs were only bigger so I could get a deeper breath of the lolicon galery amazing odor. "That smells really good," I said slowly drifting through some euphoric cloud. "Where does it come from." I free loli galleries added. "It comes from my vagina." She said nonchalantly. "Pull my panties down." I did as she said and grabbed the waist of the green thong, I struggled to pull them down around her thick thighs but then they quickly dropped to the pedo young little lolit floor around her ankles. As I looked back up, I was treated to a curly black bush in my face, which seemed to magnify the aroma. I pressed my face deep inside as I bathed in the sweet tang that her crotch was emitting. It was incredible; I had never before felt such warmth and contentedness. She allowed me to stay there and bathe in her female essence while she folded some other clothes above me. My arms were wrapped around her waist, holding on to her juicy ebony ass, and my face was resting against her warm moist hair patch. It was very thick, and light barely penetrated underneath her gown, so I wasn't able to make out what was behind that thick curly hair. I had never seen a girl naked, and I teen lolits romania didn't yet know what a vagina looked like, but the smell and the warm sultry air against my face lolit preteens was all I needed to understand that this was something very special. After some time, she finally finished folding the clothes above me, and loli porn videos she began petting my head beneath her gown. She lifted it up and I wanted to stay right there in the spot so bad. "Okay," she said, "let's go." She waited for me to stand pics lolit but I was in such a state of euphoria that I stayed enriched in her crotch, continuing to breath deeply in the sweet aromatic perfume of her womb. She grabbed my leash and gave it a firm tug, jerking me to my feet. She pushed me to the side and bent over to retrieve her green panties that had remained around her ankles. As she bent over, her large round ass moved very close to my face. I couldn't help but stare as her cheeks parted and as her hole peeked out, surrounded by some more curly black hair, I was treated to a nose full of her smell once more, with just a little more of another pungent smell from her hole. The aromas of her dark crevices entranced me, and I felt as if I was in some sort of daze. I stood there as she walked off with the leash. I was quickly brought to reality as she jerked me out of the laundry room and led me back to the kitchen. The rest of the afternoon was spent caring for the infants in the nursery. She would make me do all of the little nasty chores that she didn't want to do. I had to take off any dirty diapers that the little ones produced. I had to feed them and clean them. Only after they were taken care of did she allow me to have my lunch. I was prepared for a sandwich or something like that, and I eagerly told her what kind of sandwich I wanted. "Ham and cheese, please!" I said with the cutest smile I could muster. I never would have imagined how much of a mistake this was. I should have known that I was never in the position to give her any kind of order, no matter what my intentions were, she gave me the orders. I had completely forgotten my place, and I would pay for it dearly. As soon as she heard my words, she turned around and gave me a very intimidating look. "Do I look like a waiter?" she was very angry with me now. "Do you think you can just give me your orders?" I tried shaking my head but it was no use, my punishment was already being devised. "You're gonna eat what I give you." She jerked my leash without any warning and brought me very close to her. She grabbed my arm tightly and sat me down in one of the baby chairs at the table. She closed the tray in front of me and told me not to say another word. She opened the refrigerator and searched inside. "I hope you like fruit." She said from inside the fridge. I was relieved. Fruit is fine; I can do fruit I thought. She returned to me and sat in the chair to my right. loli sex top On the tray lolicon tits in front of me she placed several small jars. It took me a second to notice the label. The first and largest word on the label sprang out and I was so embarrassed to see what it was. 'Gerber' was all I needed to see and I knew what was about to happen. However, I was so afraid to worsen the situation that I dared not speak another word. She unscrewed the first jar and inside was some sort of orange paste. She scooped some of the baby food from the jar into a little rubber spoon and quickly shoved it into my mouth. I was so surprised that the first spoonful almost caused me to gag. But I quickly caught myself and swallowed the food. The sweet taste of the peaches were somewhat of a relief, I thought to myself of how much worse this punishment could be, and I decided to just shrug it off and enjoy my lunch. It really wasn't that bad. She quickly spoon-fed me the rest without saying a word. After my lunch, she sat me in the living room and called my mother at work. I listened carefully to her words; I was very worried to know what exactly she would tell my mother about the day's events. Once she was finished, she returned to the room and told me that my mother would be home in an hour, and she would be able to let me in. I looked at her, very concerned. "Now I wont tell your mamma about how you misbehaved today, as long as you don't tell her. I'm sure she would be almost as upset as I was to know how disrespectful you've been." She said without even looking at me. I was relieved but also embarrassed to know that I had disappointed Ms. Taylor. She grabbed me by my leash and pulled me off of the couch. She led me back upstairs to her bedroom where she ordered me to take off the gown. I lifted it off, marveling at the feeling against my skin as I slid the soft garment off of my body. She snatched it from my hands and folded it litle loli biz before putting it back in the drawer; she also took hers off and replaced it in the dresser. We both stood there half naked. Her in her little green thong and me in my white cottony diaper and red collar with leash. She picked up the leash and brought me into the bathroom near her bed. She reached down and took off the diaper. She tore it from my waist with indifference exposing ukranian loli my penis again. The heat had returned to the house and I was no longer cold. She threw the diaper into the trash and turned around. "Now go use the potty before we put your clothes back on." She pointed to the toilet and stood there waiting. I was nervous but I had grown accustomed to doing what she told me to do. I approached the toilet and stood in front of it trying to overcome my stage fright. She stopped me before I could go. "Oh no, I wont let you get pee allover my clean toilet, you sit down and go." I turned around and sat on the toilet seat, I released my piss into the bowl and watched her watching me as it all drained out of me. Once I finished, she handed me pedo lolit a piece of toilet paper and told me to clean myself. I wasn't sure what she meant so she quickly pulled me up and bent me over. She dabbed at my exposed hole and penis and quickly pushed me aside as she threw the paper in the toilet and flushed it down. loli forum newsgroups After that she pulled her panties down and lowered herself on the seat. I heard her release her own fluids into the bowl. It was long and deliberate, and as I stood there teen bbs loli model waiting, l couldn't help but noticing her huge ebony breasts hanging down. As I stared at her naked black body, I once again felt myself growing between my legs. She lolitta art porn must have noticed this because she began to laugh as she wiped herself clean. She stood up and flushed loli model pic forum the toilet before pulling up her panties. She led me out of the bathroom and back by the bed where she retrieved the dress she was wearing earlier. She put it on and adjusted it into free porno lolite a comfortable position, moving her breasts to fit into place just right. She grabbed my little four-inch penis and pulled me close to her. She smiled as she did so and unhooked the red collar from around my neck. She rubbed my neck softly and with her other hand she softly stroked my hard penis, I shivered at the feeling she gave me just before she stood up and swatted my naked behind lolitta sex video and led me down the stairs, this time without the leash. I was a mix of emotions as she handed me my warm clothes from the dryer and ordered me to get dressed. On the one hand I was returning back to normal, but I was kind of starting to feel good with her. Part of me was happy to be putting on my clothes, and another part of me was scared to go back out into the unsafe world, where I would have to start making my own decisions again. But then again, I was still a little kid, regardless, it was still going to be different, and I was beginning to feel very comfortable with her. Once I had finished dressing, there was a knock at the front door. We both knew that it was my mother, right on time. Ms. Taylor adjusted my clothes and made sure I was ready to go. "Now you're mother said that you were getting out of school for summer soon, and she asked me if I would look after you during the days and help you get through your little discipline lolits cp bbs problem." I smiled from ear to ear, and even though I was happy to know that I could spend more time with her soon, I was also kind of scared to find out what would happen to me if I misbehaved. She stood up loli pregnant movie and lifted her dress to show her green thong once more. She grabbed it and pulled it down to expose her black bush, I remembered the sweet scent from before and my heart skipped a beat. She took off the thong and held to right up to my face. I felt light headed as the aroma pierced my nostrils once again. Then she quickly took the thong and stuffed it inside my book bag. I was so excited to see this that I jumped up and gave her a big hug around her neck. "Now don't let anyone see these, and you fucked loli teen better bring them back when you see me again. Do you free lolicon 3d videos understand?" japan teen bbs loli It was so relieving to hear her stern voice again as was embraced. She led me to the front loli preteen imageboard door and bent down to give me a kiss on my forehead. I smiled at her, as she opened the door, the sun almost blinded me, and I stepped outside and returned to my boring reality, until next time.I hope you enjoyed this; it is my first bbs loli porn attempt at this kind of thing. Please email or instant message me any comments or questions. I really want to know what everyone thinks about this because I'd love to write a sequel about the summer time adventures. Thanks for reading!
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